Supernormal 2017

I will be showing new work The Grief of Electra (2017) at this years Supernormal festival. 

Filmed throughout the ancient settlement of Ano on the island of Syros (Greece) the installation sets up a conversation between the visual and the aural. Conceptualizing the architecture of Ano as a labyrinth of Pythagorean screens the film attempts to highlight the acousmatic character of this unique environment. Played simultaneously with the film are three reel-to-reel recordings. Facing the screen they act as a symbolic chorus interacting with the moving images in front of them and overlapping with each other. Each tape recording possesses a collage of material that continuously weaves in and out of each other. Interested in non-symbolic utterance, the paralinguistic and erotic’s of the voice, each recording is possessed by a different voice or set of voices that in some way inhabit these themes. Working with artist and writer Ionna Gerakadi, the central player discusses the story of Sophocles ‘Electra’. Gerakadi focuses on the voice of Electra explaining her voice as one of grief and lament. Electra’s despair is made audible via her voice, yet these utterances sit outside of symbolic language. Sitting aside this player the further two recordings play a composition of material extracted from the non-symbolic utterances of backing singers throughout the late 1950’s and 1960s. Taken from what is understood to be the ‘girl group’ era these figures largely remained unknown and named only via their group moniker. Often made to perform non-symbolic ‘oohs’ and ‘aahs’ these voices remain somehow outside of language yet able to perform emotion. As the chorus of these voices dip in and out of sync they are both a response and reflection of Electra’s own voice. As the subjects of these voices remain visually out of reach the film highlights the ‘unknowability’ of this chorus.   

On Saturday 5th at 18.30pm R Elizabeth will be performing in the Barn at Supernormal too. 

Come and say 'hello'.

Dark Matter Gushes From The Mouth To The Open Air

I will be presenting some work for Dark Matter Gushes From The Mouth To The Open Air at

Guest Projects (E8).


19th April

Event Details:

Latent gurgles, murmurs rising... a tone begins in the depths of the belly and strives in the throat before escaping – a burst of vocal dark matter. Writers Jennifer Boyd and Amy Pettifer curate a one-off programme of audio works for an hour of listening in the deep dark.

Just as the genesis of the Laboratory of Dark Matters' work began with nine artists travelling 1100m below ground to a dark matter research facility on the North East coast of England, this programme explores the transformations, mutations and possibilities that are generated in ultra-deep space; the vitality that lurks in the coved chambers of the body, in oceanic depth, in the ravine of the web, or the shadowed corners of subversive communal space.

Including work by: 

Anneke Kampman
Evan Ifekoya
Tristam Vivian Adams & Carey Robinson
Diana Policarpo
Sarah Gillett
Rachael Finney
Jennifer Boyd
Amy Pettifer
Tamar Banai


Playing w/ Wilted Woman, Yaws, Chloe Frieda Friday 31st March

Been a tough week of funerals and fatigue BUT I will be performing on Friday at Apriary Studios this Friday with Wilted Woman (Berlin) which I am pretty excited about.

See you there!

Total Fiction w/ R Elizabeth

Paul Clipson with Jeremy Young & Shinya Sugimoto present TOTAL FICTION. 

R Elizabeth will be playing at for Total Fiction at The Old Church, Stoke Newington, London on 23rd March 2017

Details and  tickets here:

HMN #8

I will be presenting a series of temporal compositions at HMN #8 curated by Chris Fite-Wassilak and Anne Tellintire.


Details here:

New sound work on display at the Austrian Cultural Forum London

A new sound work will be on display at the Austrian Cultural Forum for the exhibition Translation as Firework curated by Jen Calleja. 

There will also be a evening of performances and readings in relation to the exhibition on October 20th. For more details

Season of Error *OUT NOW* on WhereToNow?

Season of Error by R Elizabeth is out today on WhereToNow? You can pick up a copy here:

And check out their other WhereToNow? release here: 

R Elizabeth Live at The Outer Church

R Elizabeth will be making a rare outing fro The Outer Church on September 24th at The Montague Arms (South London). Join us.....

Event details here:

WTN #4

A rare outing for R Elizabeth at Where To Now #4 with FDG & Ozel AB.


Good Times.


Ekho: Women in Sonic Art Archive

My sound work Dining Room (2014) has been added to the Ekho: Women in Sonic Art archive curated by Holly Jarvis.


New R Elizabeth on NTS

New R Elizabeth track The Timid Habit of The Skin from upcoming Season of Error release featured on Beatrice Dillon + Where To Now March NTS broadcast. 

Listen here:


Hear My Voice and Answer Me Closing Performances:

Phil Minton + Rachael Finney

March 20, 2015

This is the closing event for Hear My Voice and Answer Me, an exhibition at the Swiss Church in London, which uses the vocal act of yodelling to explore the force of the voice without language.

Phil Minton is a master of vocal improvisation and the sole purveyor of Welsh yodelling. He will be performing his Welsh yodelling, working with the long echo and expansive acoustics of the Church, and a yodelling version of John Cage's mesostics poems.

Rachael Finney will be expanding on her work in the exhibition by performing live with her original recordings of Doreen Kutzke's yodelling.

Buy tickets here: