Every and All We Voyage On

Album LP

Nightschool Records

Every and All We Voyage on will be released on Nightschool records (Glasgow) on September 27th.

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Rough Imaginary (various)


Compilation from Home Normal featuring previously unreleased R Elizabeth tracks 'Rough Imaginary' and 'One with Two'









R Elizabeth

Out Now on WHERE TO NOW. 


Another wonderfully queer episode from Where To Now?; six tracks of bittersweet, avant synth-pop collage by R Elizabeth - a former member of indie rock trio La La Vasquez.

'Season Of Error' is liberally peppered with niggling pop hooks yet remains intangibly out of reach and mercurial, with queasy effect in the murkily distanced mixing of 'The Timid Habit of the Skin' but much lighter on the mind with the frothing pop of 'Giving Shape', but even here she juxtaposes feathered loops with all manner of discordant samples.

It's hard to escape comparison with earlier Julia Holter, especially in the woozy organ and elegant vocals of the title track and the airborne avant-trap hymn, 'Visions of Excess'. 

BOOMKAT - 2015







R Elizabeth

Released on CAZENOVE